“You Didn’t Make Me”

2015 Nominated for Edmonton Music Award - Music Video of the Year

“Waiting for Sirens”

Live– CBC Searchlight 2015 Submission

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Edmonton Unplugged Live (Shaw TV Channel 10)


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Career Highlights

➢ Debut single ‘You Didn’t Make Me’ - 2015

➢ Radio Tour to promote ‘You Didn’t Make Me’ - 2015

➢ Regional Semi Finalist CBC Searchlight - 2015

➢ Storyhive Music Video Grant Recipient - 2015

➢ Edmonton Music Awards Nomination ‘Video of the Year’ - 2016

➢ Single Release “Innerglow” Sept 12th 2016

➢ Associaton of Country Music of Alberta- Contender ‘Fans Choice’ and ‘Female Artist of the Year’ - 2017



For booking and press inquiries, please contact Andrea Nixon at: youdidntmakeme@gmail.com

“As A Music Director for most of my 25 years in the radio business, I've listened to a lot of artists come and go. Canadian Country music is so strong at this point with writing and production. When I first came along to listen to Andrea Nixon and her song “You Didn't Make Me,” I was very impressed with the writing and the production and the song quality. The song is unique, and very well written. I think Andrea has what it takes to make a long career in the Music Business. I look forward to hearing more music from this artist.”

~ Steve Bohan, Host and Music Director CHAT 94.5 FM



“When I first heard “You Didn’t Make Me”, I found the opening line/chorus to be extremely catchy. The guitar that cuts in stabs hard, and drives the main message of the song in even harder. It is a very well-written song, with some important issues kept in mind. This is what Country music is all about! The song communicates a message very relevant in today’s world. It is aimed at people with self-image & confidence issues, and is intended to empower the troubled. It does a very good job of this, and the video is a nice compliment to the song’s message. The main lines of the chorus (“You didn’t make me, you ain’t gonna break me...”) are told from the perspective of a strong woman who has the courage to stand up to those who might have otherwise pushed her down in life. An important life lesson can be learned here. Andrea Nixon is an artist with a big story to tell, and this song & video is a tiny sneak peek into a big world I can’t wait to explore. She has a strong voice to deliver a big message, and I can’t wait to hear what’s next. Something this particular single brings to the country market that is otherwise lacking in popular music, is the idea of self- empowerment. It’s a refreshing oasis of motivation and in an otherwise degrading & bland market (Bro country, I’m talking about you!).”

~ Jerad Bowes, Program Director/Mornings XM 105 FM - Whitecourt, AB



“The essence of what makes Andrea Nixon work is the combination of her unique voice and the fact that she draws from the well of all the great traditional country singers. Andrea loves and respects all those legendary singers from Loretta Lynn to Patsy Cline. She stirs this around with her original work that sounds unique and refreshing in today's country market. Andrea’s work ethic is second to none. She's not afraid to take this indy spirit and find a way to move things forward and has proven that over and over again. She respects the process with a personality that makes it fun, engaging and very productive. She just simply has the right attitude to turn this journey in music into a successful career. People who have seen her perform will remember how honest and real she is. How she carries that over into her songs. Her stories are about everyday people dealing and over coming challenges that life throws their way. She takes that realness on the stage and off the stage. There is no acting here, it’s her life in a song and she wears it proud.”

~ Bobby Cameron, Producer



“Andrea filmed the video for her breakout single ‘You Didn't Make Me’ right here in Holden, and came back to play a show at our theatre and share some originals from this album. If you didn't make it to that show, you missed some truly impressive songwriting. Follow Andrea if you appreciate "real" country music with a positive and uplifting feel and intelligent songcrafting.”

~ Roger Harrison, Event Coordinator and Director The Beaverhill Players



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